Carrying the Teaching
by Akiko Connors

I forgot to bring my Eza Card with me for the Daijo Eza on 09/27/2009. (So I couldn't attend the Eza.)
If I hadn't talked with my Linage Parent at that time, I would have simply gone home.
By talking with her, however, I realized that it was not just forgetting the Eza Card, but it was something very important.
I was wrong at the very basic.
It was my mistake that I stored my Eza Card in a box because I thought it was something precious.
I should have been carrying something like that all the time.
Not only the Eza Card, but also I should have been carrying the Shinnyo Teaching with me all the time.
I treated it like a displayed art work, so I didn't carry it.
I should have always carried the Shinnyo Teaching with me, like a stationery good, and I should have been ready for using it anytime.
It looks like there was a wall or some kind of armor around my heart and mind. So my mind only took the Shinnyo Teching as information, but I saw it as something in another world.
That's why I have been unable to take one step forward for a long time.
Even if I did, it was not with "Oneness with Shinnyo."
Because I had the wrong basics, I couldn't have reached where I should have.
Although I was so disappointed for not attending the Eza, I was glad that I was given an opportunity to mediate alone in the training room.
Without my failure for attending the Eza and without the kindness of the Office staff, I wouldn't have realized this very important thing.
I was fortunate enough to realized it before too late.
Even though I have a long way to go, I will do my best for becoming someone dependable. I appreciate your support.
I was shocked about not bringing the Eza Card, but I have also gained something very important.
Thank you very much,