Continue On Amber N.
by Amber N.

Continue On

Sometimes life will be really tough,
And you'll think that enough is enough.
Go ahead and take a rest,
But continue on life's big test.

When you feel like dropping down,
You want to smile, but instead you frown.
Like the water has all dried up,
Just continue on and fill the cup.

When the fog blocks the sun to brighten your day,
Just think positive and clear it away.
Try your best and be proud of what you've done,
Because the hardships will be over as soon as they've begun.

Look at criticism as advice,
Then your happiness will suffice.
Continue on and learn from your mistakes,
Then the mirror to be your true self won't be opaque.

Believe, learn, work, and try,
Don't let your perseverance wear out and die.
Next time your hopes and dreams are gone,
Remember don't give up and continue on.