Summer Miracle
by Hitomi Dickey

I would like to share a miracle that I experienced this summer.
It’s about my son.
In the middle of June, 2010 he started to complain about the discomfort he felt from the tip of his index finger and his thumb.
The discomfort was caused by it swelling there on and off.
However, there wasn’t any itchiness or pain along with it.
I didn’t take his symptom seriously because I thought it was swollen just from playing the Nintendo Wii a lot.
In early July, my mother in law visited my place and my son insistently begged her to let him spend a night at her house.
He usually asks her whether he can spend a night at her house or not but that time was he was being unusually persistent.
He spent a night at my mother in law’s house the day before the 4th of July and I went to pick him up the next day.
When I got to my mother in law’s house, she mentioned that something wrong with his urine so she suggested me to take him to the doctor.
She was worried because of the possibility of him having diabetes.
The next day I made an appointment with his doctor and took him to the hospital.
The results were negative and I felt relief from my anxiety.
In later indications, this event meant a big wakeup call from the spiritual world to me.
When I took him to the doctor, I forgot to ask about his swollen problem because it had calmed down and there were no signs of any swollenness.
However, after we saw his doctor, it started again but appeared to be more serious than before.
He showed me his foot which had a big bump and I thought he had hit his foot somewhere.
He said the bump didn’t hurt, even when I pressed it.
Then a couple of hours later, the tip of his index finger and the knuckle of his middle finger began to swell badly.
Every time when he has this symptom, the swollenness disappeared the next day.
However, other parts of his hands or feet would swell in the evening but disappear in the morning.
This was really strange.
One day, his index finger and the foot remained swollen so I took him to the hospital to show the symptom to his doctor.
After I told the doctor about his symptom and showed her some pictures I took for evidence, his doctor said that she had never seen such a symptom in her long medical experiences.
She also took some pictures to show her colleagues to receive second opinions and ordered some blood tests.
Despite all the blood tests, the results were all negative and the doctor did not have any other ideas on what to do.
His doctor had mentioned me that his symptom looked like some sort of blood disease or something related to the nerve and muscle, such as collagen disease.
I was shocked.

I called my lineage parent and mentioned this event to her and she suggested me to receive special consultation sesshin.
Fortunately, I was able to receive sesshin in the same week I took him to his doctor.
Through sesshin, an ancestor from my mother’s side and other people whose deaths were caused by water were indicated.
They may have died by a natural disaster or something else in relation to water.
Those people had been waiting for a very long time to meet someone who can understand their feelings, sufferings, and their pain.
They were finally able to meet the person who practices this great teaching and they were very sure that they would be saved at last; this caused such happiness for them.
At that time, there was a Water consolatory osegaki booklet available so I did osegaki and offered my sincere prayers to this ancestor and other people who died with this ancestor.
When I thought about them, I became speechless, they had been waiting for a very long time to be saved by this teaching and finally they were.
I was able to feel their joy and appreciation to Sooya-sama, Ryodoji-sama and Shinnyo Keishu-sama.
I realized that I wasn’t able to catch this ancestor’s message even though they had been showing me through my son.
They’d been trying so hard to be found but because of my lack of every day’s prayer to Sooya-sama, Ryodoji-sama, and Shinnyo Keishu-sama, and because I didn’t take my son’s symptom seriously, I missed the important message from them.
That’s why my son acted unusual to my mother in law who’s my lineage parent in order to be saved.
Since I received sesshin and did osegaki, he never had swollen fingers or feet ever again.
This was nothing but the miracle of this teaching, power of Saisho and bakudaiju.
I was able to re-realize the importance of praying every single second of life.
If I pray to Sooya-sama, Ryodoji-sama, and Shinnyo Keishu-sama, I can catch the messages that have for me.
If I don’t, then I can’t catch those messages.
Now, I can feel Sooya-sama, Ryodoji-sama, and Shinnyo Keishu-sama’s compassionate heart and unstoppable love and kindness.
To show my gratitude, I vow to become a spiritual medium one day as soon as possible and lead one more person to this teaching to help create a more harmonious world.
I will follow Shinnyo Keishu-sama and protect this teaching for the future.
Thank you very much.