Dear Keishu Sama
by Mariko Mitchell

Dear Shinnyo Keishu sama,
Today, I attended a home-meeting. To tell the truth, however, I was reluctant to attend because I didn't feel well and felt tired.
Especially in the past few months, I had been busy in work and had been feeling down.
But, as I listened to the people at the home-meeting, I felt ashamed myself for lack of my efforts, and at the same time their kindness and warmheartedness touched my heart and I cried for joy.
I realized how much they cared about my husband and me, and they listened to me patiently. They gave me a lot of advice, and my words cannot describe my gratitude. I was really grateful.
If I hadn't been connected to Shinnyo-en, I wouldn't have had such a precious feeling.
Hadn't been connected to Shinnyo-en, my husband and I would stay at each separate room, would be just facing the each computer monitor alone, and would spend lonely time. I really appreciate being a Shinnyo follower.
From now on, I'd like to try hard for providing what they have done for me to other people.
Since I'm not used to inviting people to my house, it would be challenging, but it would also be my effort I have to tackle.
There are some people in my husband's office who are interested in the Shinnyo Teaching, but they hesitate to come to the Temple.
So, inviting those people to my house would especially be a good idea.
I will do my best.
Thank you very much, Shinnyo Keishu sama.