by Reiko Kawai

It started happening right before this year's winter training.
There was an audition of seeking back-up dancers for a black female singer named fLO, and I received a phone call from her business manager during the winter training, and was informed that they would like to have me as one of the four back-up dancers of fLO.
I was extremely surprised by receiving this immediate baku-daiju.
Though the video shooting had been originally scheduled in the end of February,was advanced the date by a few weeks, and I also had to face a fact that other two of us were replaced just before the shooting.
I hardly can say that the shooting went smoothly, but we managed it somehow, and I was thinking what my next job will be?
This kind of job differs from general clerical positions such as working Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm, but we get every single job by taking auditions.
Therefore, we usually have 2nd or 3rd job including a dance instructor, or some other kinds of job, and whenever something comes up, we audition for that.
Shinnyo Soya-sama and Ryodoji-sama's baku-daiju gave me another great opportunity.
The singer fLO directly asked me to involve in her 2nd single's back-up dancer without auditioning for that.
And a few weeks ago, she even gave me an offer to involve in her 3rd and 4th singles.
I was happy with the offer itself and felt greatness of the baku-daiju, but there was even more opportunity to feel that greatness.
I didn't know who other three dancers were until I showed up to the first rehearsal, and they were all black females.
Please do not take this as racial discrimination; however, people normally want to line up with all black dancers on this occasion. It just looks better as a whole.
I was talking to myself in my heart, "Are you serious? I cannot believe this is happening".
I immediately realized that it was baku-daiju, and couldn't help being happy with that incredible moment.
People who have been succeeded in something say unanimously that you can make your dream come true unless you don't give up.
I truly believe that hard work will be rewarded in all matters.
Unfortunately, however, some people may not be able to do things they want to, or need to abandon their likes for some reasons.
In fact, an ancestor of setback/breakdown/collapse/frustration/bafflement was showed at sesshin.
I deeply feel that I've been such in a good environment where I am able to do things I want to.
I truly appreciate what others have done for me, and would like to be a foundation for others so that even one more person can be happy.
Reiko Kawai