by Sachiko Levu

My name is Sachiko Levu.
I'm very happy now. I don't have any personal problem, and my husband Dave takes care of me very well.
People I meet every day are giving me no harm but smiles.
I feel as if I were embraced in warm rain, and I realize that I am given a life in this very moment.
I already have enough. I'd like to pour this warm rain to someone else instead.
I'd like to express my deepest gratitude toward the Guardians of the Law, Shinnyo Parents, Ryodoji-sama, and Shinnyo Keishu-sama for letting me know that I was given my life in this environment.
I greatly appreciate that my ancestors and their related sprits are whishing me happiness from the distance.
Until I have reached this gratitude, many of my problems have been solved (by the Shinnyo spiritual world).
Today, I'd like to talk about the problems between my mother and me.
My father has been paralyzed for 16 years. And my mother has been connected to the Shinnyo Teaching for a long time.
I was connected 15 years ago. When I was 36, I finally got married to my husband now, and in the same year as I conveyed my gratitude toward both my husband and my parents, I was elevated to Daijo spiritual level.
Before getting married, I had lived with my parents to help them financially, to keep encouraging my mother, and mainly to enjoy an easy life as a bachelor girl.
As being a person like that, there were many obstacles against my marriage.
And even after coming to the US, both my mother and I had the same emotional pains of being separated and living in different countries.
These emotional pains appeared when I was thinking about getting married to a non-Japanese man.
I thought about having a "joku-bodai" with my lineage parent, but I had no courage to do so because I didn't want to talk about my family matters in order to make my lineage parent understand my pain.
And after all, I had no confidence in myself because I felt ashamed for still depending on my parents as a bachelor girl.
I came to the US with this emotional pain.
I wanted my foster lineage parent to know about myself, but somehow I couldn't talk about this emotional pain.
It was more painful for not being able to talk about my pain.
In May 2009, when my parents visited me all the way to the Bay Area from Japan, this emotional pain was gone.
As soon as they arrived, my mother received a special consultative sesshin about how to make up her mind toward my paralyzed father.
Then, my mother told my foster lineage parent about the sesshin she received, about her personal issues, and about me.
The spiritual words indicated nothing about my father at all but only about my mother. On the same day, my emotional pain disappeared.
At that time, my mother only cared about money, the house, and my brother as the family successor, and she also worried about being alone after my father dies.
After my foster lineage parent listened to my mother, she showed the directions my mother should take in the Buddha's way
I was quietly listing to her like an observer. I saw that one by one, the problems clearly emerged.
While listening to my foster lineage parent, I was able to see my pains cleared up one by one. I felt better and relieved.
Even though the influenza virus was spreading, as the Buddha protected my parents, they arrived San Francisco without any trouble.
Though it seemed to be difficult for my parents to come to the US, the fact that they safely arrived was the sign that indicated the way to the resolution of the problems.
When my mother left Fukuoka city, Japan, she and I had a long talk on the phone and we made up our minds, "While we are in this world, we shall firmly walk on the path of the Shinnyo Teaching."
The Shinnyo Parents must have been listening to us and they must have given the opportunity to my parents to trip to the US to take out our burden.
They showed our family to the path to the happiness.
After coming back to Japan, my mother joined a support group for the handicaps in order to help as many people as she could, and she also started attending an English conversation class.
After my father went back to Japan, he was hospitalized, but he was completely treated and he became better than he was before.
Through their trip to the US in May 2009, the problem my mother and I were holding became clear, and the resolution of the problem was given. My pain that I had been holding in myself for 10 years was gone.
I was able to make it clear as I said to her, "I can't go back to Japan only for your 4-day hospitalization.
Take care of yourself on your own. I can't leave my husband alone.
I already made up my mind that I will live in the US in the rest of my life, so please don't count on me all the time."
Then I argued with my mother. But arguments are necessary if you walk on the Buddha’s path.
You have to say what you have to say!
Being a Shinnyo follower doesn't mean I have to always be obedient.
With the determination of becoming a bridge of the Shinnyo Teaching, I was able to become tough!
I'd like to share this story especially with young followers who have some difficulties to have a "joku-bodai" with their lineage parent.
You cannot solve your problem by yourself alone. The Buddha always shows you the way to solve your problem.
Thank you for listening.