First Sesshin
by Sophia Dickey

I am 10 years old.
It all started when I was moving from RedWood City, my brother Lennon was born too.
While I was growing up, I had some hard times with my family and had lots of stress.
But I always remembered how Kyoshu-sama lived and how hard my parents worked.
They worked so hard. When ever I get sad, I always chant the Goreiju.
It always calms me. So I go to Shinnyo-en and that makes me so happy!
When I had my first Sesshin.....I was sooooooo nervous I thought I could faint!
Then I thought about Kyoshu-sama and Shojushin'in-sama, and I was relaxed.
When I heard the news.........I just couldn't express it with words.
It's like a feeling when someone says "Welcome back."
To you or, when you figure out that you can retire or when, you are spending time with your family.
Like that kind of feeling.
It's like you want to cry tears of joy.
That's what I feel like every time I go to Shinnyo En.
I think that everyone can feel that too.
If we all work together and with the help of Kyoshu-sama, we can all make a difference.
Thank you for your time and participation in reading this proof.
Thank you very much.