by Sophia Dickey

Hello everyone.
I'm 11 years old now, and I'm very grateful for having you to read my proof.
This proof withholds a joyous point in times of when I felt lighthearted and blithe by the power of the Shinnyo Parents.
I hope you enjoy reading this.
There are times of when I'm fearful, glad, and irritable but I always know that the Shinnyo Parents are there with me.
I enjoy reading Shinnyo-en books at night that my mom kindly retrieves for me.
Whenever I read them, I learn more about the past times of Shinnyo-en.
There's always some kind of feeling when I read these books though.
That's the presence of the Shinnyo Parents, Kyoshu sama and Shojushin-in sama.
The everlasting bliss and secure sentient of the Shinnyo Parents.
Whenever me and my family go to Shinnyo-en, we feel the love and compassion of millions of people.
As I stroll around the affectionate temple, I'm greeted by many people doing gohoshi.
The Shinnyo parents would always greet many people too.
Even on brisk, or steaming days, they would greet us with heart warming smiles.
I feel myself purify as I dawdle there in awe.
I can remember the first time I received my first, jubilant sesshin.
As I treaded the patted room, I felt a mixture of delight and pleasure.
Also, I felt confident because my dad was sitting there behind me.
Even though my mom was in the Harmony Room, I could imagine her, waiting to listen to my first sesshin.
I squatted there on the golden paved floor, meditating.
I awaited and longed for the words and felt like as if the Shinnyo Parents were there with me.
At last, the words came to me, wrapping around my ears like a soothing melody.
"Gently smile to everyone so everyone will realize that they should be happy too."
After the sesshin, I jotted it down and narrate to my mom on what happened.
I began to gradually smile as my parents drove the bustling car.
I felt as if the Shinnyo Parents was smiling at me too as the temple filled with smiles.
Recently, I have learned some kind of topic on, "unborn children."
I learned that I was almost one of them.
They are with us too, just as the Shinnyo Parents would recall.
They're not on earth and yet, the could observe what we are doing each day.
The unborn children wants us to be filled with glee each day and for us to be grateful for everything.
Shinso Ito, or known now as Keishu sama, always remembers to give a sincere "thank you" as a sign of thankfulness.
We should be grateful for what we have now and cherish it.
Remember that the Unborn Children are not on earth and want to try and strive like we do.
So always say, "Thank you," to show that you are fortunate too.
Then the unborn children will be happy.
Whenever I have problems, I have overcome them with the potent power of Shinnyo-en.
Each day I learn, to become a more better person.
Then I realize that I should not be selfish, I should be more altruistic and lead others to Shinnyo-en.
So they could feel the loving warmth Shinnyo-en.
With pure salvation and warm happiness, I shall walk the Buddha path, leading others with me.
Thank you very much for your time and consideration into reading my proof.
I hope you can teach others this valuable, precious teaching.
Then, you and me together, can conduct a harmonious world among us.
That, is the Buddha's wish.
Thank you.